TRANSLATIONS – are made by experienced translators, checked by another linguist and specialists in various fields (legal advisers, doctors, engineers, economists)

SPECIALISED TRANSLATIONS –  are made by skilled, specialised translators in the legal, medical, economics, robotics, automatics, constructions areas and many others.

servAUTHORIZED TRANSLATIONS – are signed and stamped translations, made by translators authorized with the Ministry of Justice.

AUTHENTICATED TRANSLATIONS – are made by translators authorized with the Ministry of Justice; afterwards, the translator’s signature is authenticated by the public notaries (translation of official documents issued by public authorities – diplomas, birth/marriage/death certificate etc).

PROOFREADING – it is made by a professional linguist who proofreads a translation made by somebody else

INTERPRETING – conferences, business meetings, phone/video calls, social events and many more.

* Please give us as many details in advance so that we can provide best quality services.


APOSTILLE –  International certification allowing public documents to be authenticated by affixing an Apostille so that they are recognised by the signatory states of the Convention de La Haye du 5 octobre 1961  (Hague Convention of 5 October 1961)

SUPERLEGALIZATION  – International certification allowing public documents to be authenticated so that they are recognised by other states